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Visit The Maryboro Lodge Museum

Maryboro Lodge Museum is a wonderful place to enjoy waterfront life in the Kawarthas. Located in Garnet Graham Beach Park, Fenelon Falls, it offers daily cultural activities for all ages. Listen to live music as you watch boats navigate the Trent-Severn Waterway, or spend time with your kids in the Allen Wood Play Space. Its exhibitions provide an interactive exploration of what makes the Kawarthas unique. Situated in an ancient bur oak grove, Maryboro hosts many community events, a summer one-room school program and Saturday family fun days. Open for in-person visits from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving, admission by donation.

Maryboro Lodge hosts the Virtual Museum of the Kawarthas, featuring historical exhibitions, local artists, archives and cultural activities. It offers daily stories through multiple media. It is a forum for our community to share how arts, heritage and culture shape their lives. There is always something new at www.maryboro.ca.  


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